#GirlLove – Let’s Send Girls to School!

Okay, so you probably read the title and are wondering: what is #GirlLove? Don’t feel ashamed; allow me to enlighten you.


#GirlLove was created by Lilly Singh (Queen!) as a way to stop the girl-on-girl hate, and empower women of all ages. The focus is on spreading love instead of hate, and it is such a positive influence in so many lives.

Lilly is such an amazing person, and she strives to make this world better for everyone. One of her goals is sending girls to school, and giving them a better education. And this year she has created yet another way to do that.

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Author Interview w/ Atlanta Bushnell + Giveaway

Hello everyone!

I had the honor and pleasure to interview Atlanta Bushnell about her novel, Rise of the Erifs! Part sci-fi, part fantasy, all action. I think it was one of my favorite books last year.


(Pssst. I’ve also added a giveaway because I love the book so much!)


But let’s start with the interview!

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Everything, Everything | Movie Review


Read the book: Yes\No

Saw in Theater: Yes\No

Book Spoilers Ahead!


I got to see Everything, Everything with my friend Tyr this past weekend, which is good because I was about to steal it from someone

I’ve been looking forward to this movies for a long time, for two reasons:

One: I really enjoyed the book! I liked the characters, and the drawings on the inside, and how most of it took place through texts.

Two: Both Amandla Stenberg and Nick Robinson will be in upcoming Book-to-Films (more on that later)ย so I was interested in their acting style.

Let’s talk about the ups and downs of Everything, Everythingย โ†“

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