January Writing Playlist \\ 2018

Hello Book Ravens!

My January Writing Wrap-Up came out earlier this week, and I promise I’d do a January writing playlist…maybe every month?

So, true to my word*, my last post of the month will be a playlist! Like I said in my other post, January was a thinking month for me, which means a lot of ideas, half-formed stories and random dramatic scenes that I have no idea how they connect to my story.

Also plenty of new artists and songs. And damn, I’ve found some incredible music!

*for now

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Writing Wrap-Up \\ January 2018

Hello Book Ravens!

2018 will finally be the year of writing. Whether or not I finish any of my ideas is irrelevant – I at least want to write more than last year.

I figured a good way to track my progress would be to do a monthly wrap-up, and I’m actually more excited to do this than I thought I’d be! Feel free to track your progress with me and tell me where you are in your writing! I love hearing other writers’ stories! 

I also have another post going up on Wednesday or Friday which is my January writing playlist. I love doing playlists, and I found some really cool songs that are perfect for writing!

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Owlcrate Unboxing \\ Fearsome Fairy Tales


January Theme: Fearsome Fairy Tales

The January box is themed around Grimms fairy tales and dark faeries!

I was so excited for this box! I had guessed the book beforehand, and it was one that I had been anticipating for months! Plus, as you probably already know, I love Grimms fairy tales, and just fairy tales\old stories in general. So naturally I couldn’t wait for my box to get here!

So let’s open it! I’m so excited I feel the need to use more exclamation marks than grammatically necessary!!

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Entangled Collateral \\ Cover Reveal

Hello Book Ravens!

I know what you’re thinking.

“What? Marrill, posting on a Thursday??”

“Didn’t she just start an uploading schedule? Like, two weeks ago? She can barely handle that!”

“Didn’t she miss her Monday post?? What happened to the schedule?”



 But I have another cover reveal for you all! and I was excited so you’re going to have to deal with it

K.E. Radke remade one of her indie books, rewrote a bit of it with the help of an editor, and gave it a new cover, which is why I’m here. If you want to know a bit about her first, I interviewed her last year – Interview w\ K.E. Radke

But enough intro-ing* – here’s her new book!

*that’s most definitely a word

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My Life in Books \\ Tag

Hello Book Ravens!

Let’s be honest – my life was already in books. Now I just have a tag for it.

Confession time: this is really just me procrastinating from writing a discussion post (it always takes so much work!)…which explains why I’m doing tags again, which I haven’t done in quite a few months.

But let’s ignore my procrastination* actually get to the tag.

Tagged by: Tyr @ The Perks of Being A Nerd

*forever, please

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Down the TBR hole #4 \\ (32-40)

Previously on Down the TBR Hole…

This tag was created by Lost in a Story – basically it helps you go through your TBR, and also gives you blog post ideas! I enjoyed reading it on Jess’s blog, so I figured I’d give it a go.

So as I go through I’ll talk about the books, why I added them to my GoodReads TBR, and decide whether to keep them or remove them.

If you read that first sentence in an announcer voice than you get 100 awesome points!

Alright, let’s see if I can make my TBR smaller…I added a few books form last time so we’ll see.

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Favorite BookTubers

Hello Book Ravens!

So I’ve seen a lot of talk on Twitter recently, because apparently some YouTube drama went down this past week? I don’t have a channel, so I don’t quite know what’s going on, but it inspired this Thursday post.

I watch a lot of BookTube! So here are my favorites – some have a lot of subscribers, some only have a few hundred, or haven’t made it to triple-digits yet, so I’ve got a mix of big and small channels on my list.

*these aren’t listed in a particular order*

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Most Anticipated Book-to-Film Adaptions \\ Winter 2018

Hello Book Ravens!

So today (January 15th, 2018) I made plans to go see the new Jumanji movie with a friend, because I loved the original and I’ve been hearing good reviews for it.* The original movie was actually based off of a children’s book, and so when I was thinking of ideas for my Monday post, book-to-film came to mind.

There have been a lot of YA books being announced for adaptions! It’s both great, and awful (they’ll probably adapt it horribly…but I still have hope**). Despite that, I do have some anticipated releases – and not all of them look like disasters…


So here are my anticipated movie releases for January-April!


*surprisingly – I was expecting it to go downhill…

**unfortunetly. damn.

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Book Outlet Unboxing\Haul \\ witches, cassandra clare and more magic

Hello Book Ravens!

So I’m not one to really go on a “book buying ban”, but I had planned to save my money for a bit so I could get some new releases in January…but then I saw Book Outlet was having a New Years sale, and my will power took a vacation.

So now I have a book haul for you! I did get some books I’ve been meaning to buy forever (*cough* Cassandra Clare) and some that I’ve read and enjoyed before. 

I explain exactly what Book Outlet is at the bottom of this post, my experience with shipping\quality.

But let’s start with the books.

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