Writing Wrap-Up \\ January 2018

Hello Book Ravens!

2018 will finally be the year of writing. Whether or not I finish any of my ideas is irrelevant – I at least want to write more than last year.

I figured a good way to track my progress would be to do a monthly wrap-up, and I’m actually more excited to do this than I thought I’d be! Feel free to track your progress with me and tell me where you are in your writing! I love hearing other writers’ stories! 

I also have another post going up on Wednesday or Friday which is my January writing playlist. I love doing playlists, and I found some really cool songs that are perfect for writing!



I am a writer who constantly has new ideas, which is both useful and incredibly irritating. Right now I have a big plan for a bunch of standalones set in the same universe, different worlds? I have never read a fantasy series like that, but I love the idea. I have magic systems and stuff to tie all the worlds together, and I’m so excited to write them all!

Plus I’ve already had a few ideas for a crossover novel or two? I know I’m thinking way too far ahead, but I cannot help what I stumble across in my Mind Palace.

Big plans, we’ll see how this works out. I’ve been thinking about these stories for literal years though, so I don’t think this motivation is leaving me anytime soon.



I did a bit of planning and world building, but I am a person who plans the world building more than the plot. I don’t ever write down the plot, really, because it changes and then it’s a pain to move around. But I love world building, so I have pages and pages of ideas for different worlds and towns and kingdoms.

Same goes for characters – I don’t really write it out, but I have a bunch of details stored up to use. I’m actually really loving the characters I’ve been coming up with lately – they’ve definitely gotten more varied – in looks, mannerisms, sexuality, etc.


Word Count

I have a few different novels going, which goes along with the above section titled Ideas. So I’ll update all the word counts as I write more.

Novel #1: 0

Novel #2: 0

Novel #3: 0

…Like I said, this was a thinking month for me. Writing it out I feel significantly less successful.


So that’s my January 2018 writing update! Like I said I’ll have a writing playlist up later this week, so look forward to that as well.

I’m hoping to do one of these every month, and hopefully it encourages me to write more often than last year…because that works so well with my reading wrap-up (*cough* I’ve read one book this month).

How’s your writing coming along? Talk with me! 

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