Prince Charming \\ Candle Review


Hello Book Ravens!

I have another review for you today! It’s not a book review (*awkward cough*) but it’s been a hot second since I did a candle review, and I figured now was a good time.

This one is inspired by a Disney movie instead of a book, so it’s a bit different thanΒ usual. But I’m sure you all remember A Court of CandlesΒ πŸ˜‰

divier.blacksmokePrince Charming

A Court of Candles


Based on: Prince Charming from Cinderella (Disney)

Size: 4oz

Scents: Lemon Verbena, Patchouli

Design:Β A Court of Candles always has really cool labels, but I think that this one is my favorite! It definitely fits my aesthetic the most.

But my favorite part about this candle was that there’s glitter on top…and it doesn’t come off! Sometimes other companies do this and the glitter gets everywhere, but ACOC did this perfectly!

Scent:Β It’s a small candle, but the scent fills my bedroom (which is pretty big) and isn’t overpowering. It’s definitely a lighter scent.

It smells good even when it isn’t lit – although don’t put it too close to your nose, as my brother claimed it made him tear up instantly.


Shipping:Β Since I didn’t order it, I can’t say much, but the last time I ordered from A Court of Candles it processed and arrived within two weeks, and I’m pretty sure it came with a tracking number.

Background:Β This candle is based on Cinderella, which was one of my favorite movies when I was younger! Fun facts:

➡ Cinderella came out in 1950. I would have guessed later, personally.

➡ Cinderella ended up saving Disney. They weren’t doing well financially and would have gone out of business. But they took a chance and now Disney is what it is!

➡ Cinderella is the oldest Disney princess – around 19 or 20. Tiana, who’s 19, is right behind her, and Anna from Frozen is next closest at 18. Snow White, at 14, is the youngest.

Who knew Snow White was 14??


Did you get this candle? What did you think?

If you’re interested in buying from A Court of Candles (as you should be!) here’s all their links:

Website | Instagram | Twitter | Facebook


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