Book Unhaul \\ 8 books that are no longer on my shelves

I don’t usually unhaul books. Usually, I tell myself I’ll eventually get to them, or that I like the cover too much to get rid of it (there is Bookstagram to consider…). However, lately, I’ve been in a bit of cleaning kick, especially when it comes to my bookshelves.

I’ve been trying to read all the unread books on my shelves instead of buying more, and while doing that I’ve realized just how many books I’m not planning on opening. So throughout the year, I’ve been slowly collecting books to donate.

And then you guys voted on an unhaul for today’s post and now here we are.

Books I’m donating:


The Selection Coloring Book –  I wasn’t impressed with the artwork, and the details are so fine there’s no possible WAY to color all the details in. Too simplistic + hard to use = donation pile.

Mercury – I actually really like this book! It’s a graphic novel that I’ve read twice and thoroughly enjoyed, but I’m not going to open it again. I don’t even use it for Bookstagram.

You Have Seven Messages – I wanted to read this book but the writing was so bad! It was like the first draft from an author that has never read a YA book. Plus, only a few chapters in, it was already following multiple tropes. I couldn’t stand it! So it’s now off my shelves.

The Wicked Will Rise Yellow Brick War – I read the first book and the second but I CANNOT STAND the protagonist. I mentioned this in my The Wicked Will Rise review and it still stood true when I tried to read book three. I’m over it at this point.

Moonburner – I won this in a Storygrams giveaway and it sounded good…but the font choice is so unfortunate it makes it hard to read! That combined with the fact that the synopsis isn’t as intriguing and it’s a weirdly-sized paperback means that I’m never getting to it.

Daughter of the Burning City & Ace of Shades – I have a good reason for these! Amanda Foody is supposed to be a really good author, and Ace of Shades seems like a book I would love…except that I don’t support Harlequin books anymore.

Harlequin is the publisher of The Continent – if any of you remember that book – and they’ve had some other issues with their treatment of POC authors and female authors. As someone who keeps talking about diverse fantasy books and needing more diversity…it doesn’t feel right to support this company.

Not that they can’t change! But as of right now, I can’t support them. Both of these books I got in subscription boxes, so will I eventually read Ace of Shades? Maybe. I’m not sure.

I’m not actually donating these books – both of these have never been opened and I have author cards (and Ace of Shades is signed!) so this might end up being a giveaway.


What books have you gotten rid of recently? Do you keep books because of the covers or solely because you want to (eventually) read them?



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