Going Viral \\ Spoiler-Free Review

Going Viral (Potion, #3)Title: Going Viral (The Potion Diaries #3)

Author: Amy Alward

Publisher: Simon & Schuster Children’s UK

Genre: Fantasy

Format: UK paperback

Spoiler Review: To be posted


Due to spoilers, I’m not going to be putting the synopsis here, but if you want to view it, you find it on the Goodreads page.


What happened??

I loved the first two books in this series, and I was excited to read the third! It has been a few months since I read the second book, but that isn’t going to be a problem. Right?

Image result for wrong gif

The characters seem so immature. I don’t know what happened to them – they’re in Uni for crying out loud! And they act like they’re thirteen (I’m sorry if some of you out there are thirteen – I’m trying to make a point).

There was also a weird thing that would happen where a character would be like “I messed up with [side character]! I need to fix it!” and they never would and it would just be forgotten.

While I’m here I also want to cover the “redemption arc”. Look, here’s the deal: redemption only works if the reader believes it. The characters can do what they want, but if the reader doesn’t forgive them? It’s pointless.


There are so many blatant plot holes! One minute a someone would say “You can’t do that because of Y & Z – soz!” And the next minute the characters would be doing that – with no explanation! This happened many times.

There were also characters brought back from book 2, but then they were forgotten about by the end? It’s either a plot hole or the worst lead-up to book 4 that I’ve ever seen.


Now, the ending…ugh.

There was this big build-up to needing a specific item for a certain reason, and the item NEVER CAME INTO PLAY FOR THE ORIGINAL REASON.


One thing I never understand about YA relationships is when one person has to leave (for whatever reason) for an extended period of time, and they feel the need to break up?? Like, if you keep saying that you are meant for each and you work so well together…why would this be a problem? Sure you’ll miss them, but if you’re “meant for each other” it shouldn’t be a problem to the relationship.

Plus the author practically said in the next chapter that they were going to come back together. So what’s the point even?


Overall Feeling

Image result for what gif

The ending left me with open ends and forced drama. I want to read book four…but if it’s anything like this, I’m DNFing it.

I loved the first two so much! And I still do! But seriously. What happened?


What did you think of Going Viral? Are you going to read book four?

Comments are below!



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