4 Badass Female Greek Heroes \\ aka yelling about one of my favorite things in the world!

I’m obsessed with Greek Mythology.

That’s probably not a surprise to a lot of you. It’s been a favorite of mine for almost six years now and I’m surprised I haven’t talked about it before? What have I even been doing??

But putting that aside, there are a lot of cool Greek heroes. And not all of them are guys.

So I’m going to tell you about four badass heroes from Greek Mythology! I could list more, but a lot of them actually walk the line between being the good guy and the bad guy so I might have to save that for a different post.

Let’s start with these four:



*literally known for wrestling lions*

Image result for lion gif

Cyrene is descended from Oceanus (who is the Titan of the seas BTW) and also a river spirit. So she isn’t completely mortal – which makes a lot of sense, as you’ll see.

Originally she spent her days guarding her sheep and cows…meaning she literally wrestled lions to keep her animals safe. She had a bit of a reputation, and people tended to leave her alone (be honest – would you want to talk to someone like that?).

Thanks to some godly influence she ending up creating and leading a kingdom in Africa for a little bit before returning to Greece. She wasn’t the adventuring type, but she was most definitely a badass hero. Eventually, she was made into a naiad tied to the rivers in Thessaly (her original home).Β 

I’m super over-simplifying her story. It’s a bit long but it is fun to tell! I might have to do a full post on it sometime…but I think you understand.



*most brutal feminist ever*

Image result for wonder woman shield gif

You have probably heard this name before. That’s because she’s awesome.

Otrera was your normal bronze-age housewife: no rights and nothing to do except cook and clean and whatever. And being frustrated with that, as anyone would be, she secretly taught herself to fight until she felt confident in her skills. Then she rallied the women in her town, taught them how to fight and lead them in killing all the men in their village…

…and then proceeded to do the same to all the surrounding villages, liberating all the women and training them as warriors, until people actually started to take them seriously and Otrera decided that, instead of fighting in a war, she would move north with her army and found a city called Sinope. She gradually took over the surrounding towns and villages, gradually expanding her territory.

Are you surprised she’s the one who founded the Amazons??



*hates apples*

I love Atalanta’s story! I’m not going to give her full story, because I’d like to dedicate a post just to her, but basically, she was a princess…until her father was upset that she wasn’t a boy (apparently a really important factor in Greece) and left her in the woods.

DCFS wasn’t a thing, apparently.

Anyway, she was then raised by a very nice bear before gaining a reputation as a really good hunter who, albeit, wasn’t very civilized. She was then sought out by a prince seeking help with a certain Kalydonian Boar problem – which she, ultimately, solved on her own (despite the fact that the rest of her crewmates were guys. Just saying).

Then she had this whole thing with golden apples and getting revenge on her father…but I think I’ve made my pointΒ (point being: she’s badass). Maybe I’ll save that for a full post πŸ˜‰



*did more awesome things than the majority of Greek heroes*

Image result for butterfly gif

Same thing as Atalanta – I want to do a full post on this one! Because the story of Psyche and Eros is one of my absolute favorites. And it’s influenced a lot of modern writing – even in YA!Β So I’m going to really brush over everything for now – soz.

Basically, she fell in love with Eros and then really messed it up. She then had to work to win over Aphrodite (who can be compared to her mother-in-law in this situation) and also Eros. She went on adventures and overcame Aphrodite’s challenges – all while pregnant!

I’m not entirely sure what speaks to me most about Psyche’s story, but she’s one of my favorite heroes of all time!


What are you some of your favorite Greek heroes? Do you want to hear the full story on any of these heroes? Or any others?

Have a good Wednesday reader!

-Love, Marrill


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