About Me

Hey guys! If you’ve made it to this page, you’re most likely interested in knowing who’s running this site.

Well, that’s me. I’m Marrill. A few interesting facts that you may or may not be interested in:


  • I’m from Chicago.
  • I love reading and writing, though these days it’s mostly reading.
  • I also enjoy doing Instagram photography! I even take\edit some of the photos you’ll see on Books and Ravens.
  • Bringing me to my next point: ravens, and birds in general, are some of my favorite animals.
  • I have a Bookstagram (@Marrill_Collins) and a Twitter (@Marrill_Collins) both dedicated to books and movies!
  • I play the cello.
  • My favorite genres are Fantasy, Sci-fi and anything to do with Magic.
  • I don’t watch tv often, but when I do it’s usually either a DC series (The Flash or Supergirl) or a book-to-film on Netflix.
  • My favorite character would have to be Percy Jackson, although there are so many good ones!
  • My goal is to work with as many authors (indie and otherwise) and bookish companies as possible! I love promoting artwork and products!



If you’re still interested in talking to me after reading all of that, then email me or talk to me on my social media!


Email: marrillcollins@gmail.com

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