About Me

Hello! Thanks for checking out my site – I’m Marrill. The person\Book Raven who started, runs and freaks out over Books and Ravens on a regular basis.


A few things about me:

 My favorite genre is fantasy. I love retellings (dark retellings are best) and anything with magic or especially a twist of mythology. I like characters with internal conflict and intense world-building. 

I also love fantasy worlds inspired by places other than Europe. I like medieval stories just fine, but give me a good African or Chinese-inspired fantasy and I’ll be set.


Music is essential in my life, and lately that’s included rap (Hamilton!). The Score, Panic! At The Disco, Imagine Dragons and Lindsey Stirling are some of my most-played.


Some of my favorite books are Percy Jackson & the Olympians \ Heroes of Olympus, The Lunar Chronicles, The Host, My Lady Jane, The School for Good and Evil, The Fire Song Chronicles + many more. 


I’m a Sagittarius Sagittarius.svg Though I’ve never really felt 100% like a Sagittarius…maybe because I can never spell it right on the first try.

I’m also a through-and-through Gryffindor!


I love photography, and I’m hoping it’ll be part of my career in the future, along with the possibility of journalism. 

I have a Bookstagram  and a Twitter!


Posting Schedule:

I post Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday\Sunday (it varies by week). I try to do at least one post featuring writing per week, but I focus mostly on books.


My review policy is HERE




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