About Me

DSCN5001.JPGHello! I’m Marrill.

I’m the bibliophile who started, runs and freaks out over Books and Ravens on a regular basis.

I’m a Cabin 3 Gryffindor who obsesses over Piéra Forde and occasionally takes photos. 

Music and photography are as essential to my life as books, I (try to) write often, and I love taking you along on the journey! I love seeing different cultures, religions, and ways of living in my reading.

What is Books and Ravens?

Books and Ravens is the place for Book Ravens to congregate and muse over all thing fantasy. Contemporary rarely shows it’s face and ethnicity is often shouted about here!

Dark fantasies are talked about the most, especially retellings and anything with magic or especially a twist of mythology. I like characters with internal conflict and intense world-building. 

Book reviews come less often than they should, discussions more often and favorites or lists are pretty common. I’ll unbox a few bookish things, and occasionally shout about Pan\Bi representation (only when I’m especially passionate…which is more often than you’d think).

I love having discussions with my readers, so don’t hesitate to comment! All opinions and views are welcome!

What is a Book Raven?

Ravens are among the smartest animals, right up there with chimpanzees and dolphins. They can learn to speak, have been featured in many myths, are very adaptable, and are notorious pranksters. They roam in teenage gangs and show empathy for each other.

So what qualifies you as a Book Raven? You’re open to new ideas and corrections but can state your case somewhat eloquently. Even though you’re open, you still know how to think for yourself and not go along with the crowd if you don’t believe in it. You have a sense of humor and show empathy to those who need it.

You don’t have to be a Book Raven to be on my site, of course – Book Dragons, Unicorns and generally bibliophiles are all welcomed! Whatever you identify as you’ll find your place here.

Posting Schedule

I post Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday. Sundays are my days for lighter posts – mainly book tags – while Mon-Fri is whne my discussions, book reviews and general bibliophile things are posted! I try to do at least one post featuring writing per week, but I focus mostly on books.

My review policy is HERE. My Bookstagram is HERE My Twitter is HERE.


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    1. Hi! I haven’t seen it live, but that would be so amazing! My favorite song changes all the time, but Guns and Ships, Satisfied and Cabinet Battle #1 are all ones that I always go back to!

      And thank you so much! I’m so glad you like my blog! 😘💕

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