Review Policy \ Beta Reading \ Interviews

Are you currently drafting a story? Have you already written a complete novel? I’m here to help! I will beta read, review or help promote your novel if needed (and also if said novel meets my below requirements).


Beta Reading

Beta reading is one of my favorite things to do – offering feedback on future novels is so amazing!

At the moment I accept YA manuscripts, preferably fantasy. But sci-fi and contemporary are also accepted.

I will provide you with complete feedback on characters, plot, world and more. I will finish and provide notes within two weeks of receiving the manuscript.

Disclaimer: I am not a sensitivity reader. I can, however, provide more in-depth notes and feedback from personal experiences (I.E. if a character is Pan, I will obviously view them differently than someone who is straight).

You can contact me via social media or at



Formats accepted:

  • Final Copies
  • ARCS
  • Indie Books

*I’m not currently accepting E-books


I accept these genres:

  • Fantasy
  • Science-Fiction
  • Contemporary
  • Magical Realism
  • Futuristic \ Dystopian

*I mainly accept YA, but I will also consider MG fantasy novels

Disclaimer: I will always give my opinion. I won’t bash or hate on the author, but I also will be honest. 



I’m pretty open when it comes to author interviews, the only requirement being that their book must be YA or an MG fantasy. I also interview bookish companies on occasion.

I’m also willing to do some other promotional work, depending. Giveaways are common on my blog, for example.

The interview questions are sent via email, in a Google document. You cna answer at your own convenience and when I receive the answers the post will be up on Books and Ravens will be posted the week of or the week after having received a response.

*In the unlikely chance that I get many requests at one time, the interview may not be posted until a few weeks after having received answers and set up any extra promo work.


Email me at or fill out the form below.