Review Policy \ Interviews

Have a book you want to review promote? Great…just check below to see if it’s a book I’ll even like.

Authors interviews \ promotional work is at the bottom of the page.


Formats accepted:

  • Final Copies
  • ARCS
  • Ebooks (.mobi format)

*I’m more likely to read a final copies\ARCs, as that is the format I prefer.


I accept these genres:

  • Fantasy
  • Science-Fiction
  • Contemporary
  • Magical Realism
  • Mystery
  • Futuristic \ Dystopian

*I only accept YA


My rating system:

★ – I hated the book. I found it ridiculous and without any redeeming qualities

★★ – Didn’t really like the book

★★★ – 50/50. It has potential, but isn’t for me

★★★★ – A really good book – no or few faults

★★★★★ – I loved this book with my whole being and I can’t fault it in any way


I will always give my opinion. I won’t bash or hate on the author, but I also will be honest.



Author Interviews

I’m pretty open when it comes to author interviews, the only requirement being that their book must be YA.

I’m also willing to do some other promotional work, depending. Giveaways are common on my blog, for example.

The interview questions are sent via email, in a Word document. Finished work is posted the week of or the week after having recieved a response.


*In the unlikely chance that I get to many requests at one time, the interview may not be posted until a few weeks after having recieved answers and set up any extra promo work.


Email me at or fill out the form below.