Summer Lovin’ \\ June Owlcrate Unboxing

My unboxing is finally up on time!

That’s the first time in, like, four months. Let’s hope it stays this way.

Anyway, the June Owlcrate box was themed around summer! And, as everyone in the book community knows, summer = contemporary books. So naturally a lot of the items were themed around the fav contemporaries from the community!

Let’s unbox:

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Fight Like a Girl \\ May Owlcrate Unboxing

This post is up a bit late. That’s an understatement…soz

But better late than never! Plus I figured at this point everyone who is subscribed got their boxes so I don’t have to worry too much about spoilers or anything.

The May box is themed around Vikings and strong women, which I’m obviously here for! Well, I’m more 50\50 on the Vikings – you all know how I feel about Norse mythology and all. Anyway – let’s open the box!

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Owlcrate Unboxing \\ Across the Galaxy


Hello Book Ravens!

March was an amazing month for Owlcrate: it’s their two-year anniversaryย month, the items were awesome and I’m super excited about the book!

This box is sold out, but if you want the April box you can sign up HERE. I highly suggest that you do, mainly because all of their 2018 boxes have been amazing.



Let’s Unbox:

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Owlcrate Unboxing \\ Fearsome Fairy Tales


January Theme: Fearsome Fairy Tales

The January box is themed around Grimms fairy tales and dark faeries!

I was so excited for this box! I had guessed the book beforehand, and it was one that I had been anticipating for months! Plus, as you probably already know, I love Grimms fairy tales, and just fairy tales\old stories in general. So naturally I couldn’t wait for my box to get here!

So let’s open it! I’m so excited I feel the need to use more exclamation marks than grammatically necessary!!

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