December 2017 Owlcrate Unboxing || Seize the Day


December Theme: Seize the Day

The December box is themed around tackling your TBR! This box is supposed to be perfect for bookworms. So I expect…some encouraging quotes, maybe? I don’t really have any expectations after that, but it has to be in this box somewhere…

Let’s open it and see!

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Interview w\ Brittany (Novelly Yours)

Hello Bibliophiles!

I’ve done a few author interviews in the past, but I wanted to try something different and interview other people in the bookish community.

And the first person who came to mind was Brittany from Novelly Yours, whichย was the first bookish candle company I found, and it’s still my favorite! So I was more than excited when she agreed to do an interview with me!


I hope you enjoy it as much as I did, andย if you have no idea who Brittany is (๐Ÿ˜ฑ), all her links are at the bottom of the page!


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Cabeswater || Bookish Candle Review

Hello Bibliophiles!

So instead of doing a company review (or a certain book review that should have been out two weeks ago…I’m a slow reader) I decided to be a bit more specific and talk about a candle that I got in a subscription box. Personally, while I love talking about bookish companies, I also like doing specific reviews. But I don’t very often, simply because I never know how to format them.

But I’m trying it anyway! I might switch it around next time, but I’m actually quite happy with how it turned out.

Anyway, let’s talk about The Raven Boys and candles!


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Owlcrate Unboxing | October 2017


October Theme: Find Me in the Forest

This month’s Owlcrate centers around magical realism, curses and the woods.

Unfortunately, this box is sold out. BUT! Owlcrate sells the leftover books and items! So you can still grab some of these items, as well as the book* (which has an exclusive cover)!


*not just October’s book, but all the books since July 2016. And this INCLUDESย signed book plates, letters, and any other swag!

Past Boxes

Pastย Books and Exclusive Covers

Past Bookish Items


What was inside the box:

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Owlcrate Unboxing | September 2017


August Theme: Mythical Creatures

The September Owlcrate box was themed around all things mythical – mythical creatures especially!

Unfortunately, this was the first month that Owlcrate boxes sold out completely, so there isn’t any more left. They do have other past boxes available, if you’re interested! Check here – most of them are on sale!

What was inside the box:

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A Book and a Candle | The Lightning Thief + Percy Jackson

So I’ve been meaning to find an interesting way to show off some of cool bookish candles, and then I saw Brittany from A Book Addicts Guide do A Book and A Candle. Which is basically when she picks a book and a candle that she burned recently to talk about.

I liked that idea, but instead of picking random books to talk about, I’m going to do a book that I read that week, and a candle that either matches, or I burned a lot that week. We’ll see how this goes – I’m actually really excited!

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