What I Look for in YA Friendships \\ do they even exist??

I like friends.

Not the show – I’ve never seen it – I mean two people loving each other platonically and being supportive. It’s one of my essentials to a perfect story!

I was thinking about this the other day and I realized I don’t have any YA friendships to gush about. The only thing close is the Argo II crew from Heroes of Olympus (which is an excellent series but technically middle-grade).

And what irritates me the most is the fact that I haven’t come across any friendships in YA fantasy books! A lot of fantasy – and even contemporary – books have “friendships” and not friendships. What’s the difference? You ask.


Well, allow me to tell you my basic rules for fictional friendships:

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Bookish Rep Searches \\ tips, advice and what NOT to do


Hello Book Ravens! 

This post is up a bit late (but still on a Friday, which is something!) because I usually write my posts Thursday night…and totally did not prepare for how exhausted I’d be after Driver’s ED. Turns out, socializing is hard...and by “socializing” I mean sitting in a class not saying a word trying to figure out how the heck a car works and why nobody sat by you

ANYWAY – that time has come around again! A bunch of bookish companies are looking for reps (representatives) on Instagram! And as someone who has entered a lot of rep searches and has some tips, this post seems appropriate.

I have four sections with hopefully somewhat helpful tips, and of course, I will provide a list of companies that are currently looking for reps.

Let’s Discuss:

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