May YA Releases \\ let’s be honest: we’re only here for ACOFAS


Hello Book Ravens! 

It’s the last day of the month! Meaning it’s almost time for more new books to be out in the world…and for some unknown reason (*cough* ACOFAS) everyone is really hyped for May.

As per usual, DISCLAIMER: you guys know how I feel about contemporary. This blog is 99% fantasy, dystopian and sci-fi…and therefor so is my list. But if you want to know the contemporaries coming out this month as well then check out this Goodreads list. So that is the main reason why this list is so short.

May releases:

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March YA Book Releases \\ 2018


Hello Book Ravens!

I can’t believe it’s almost March! Not that February went particularly fast, but March?

Some of my most-anticipated books come out this month! So I’m really excited to talk about these releases*

Also! I recently wrote a post about 2018 YA Releases with POC Protagonists, which was similar to this one, but relates to specifically POC protagonists.

*all my most-anticipated books with be marked with a 
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Most Anticipated Book-to-Film Adaptions \\ Winter 2018

Hello Book Ravens!

So today (January 15th, 2018) I made plans to go see the new Jumanji movie with a friend, because I loved the original and I’ve been hearing good reviews for it.* The original movie was actually based off of a children’s book, and so when I was thinking of ideas for my Monday post, book-to-film came to mind.

There have been a lot of YA books being announced for adaptions! It’s both great, and awful (they’ll probably adapt it horribly…but I still have hope**). Despite that, I do have some anticipated releases – and not all of them look like disasters…


So here are my anticipated movie releases for January-April!


*surprisingly – I was expecting it to go downhill…

**unfortunetly. damn.

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