May Wrap-Up \\ rereading, June goals and finally writing

Happy Wednesday bibliophiles!

It’s almost June, and that means it’s time for my monthly wrap-up. I managed to do a decent amount this month; I finished some books, wrote a bit of my story and did some actual real-life things!

So let’s talk about that:

*and also tell me what you read and accomplished this month! I’d love to hear it!

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April Wrap-Up \\ The Cruel Prince, Camp NaNo and Drivers ED

Hello Book Ravens! 

Crazily enough, it’s now May. Which, for me, means trying to read more and forcing myself to write SOMETHING be it good or bad.

But as far as April goes, it wasn’t a complete fail. I actually did productive things for one, and for another, I managed to finish a complete book (actually three of them).

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February Wrap-Up \\ Finish more than one book, writing update and more


Hello Book Ravens!

So it’s the last day of February…and I can’t really believe it. I guess I never though March would come? And so now that it has…I don’t know what to do with myself.

Don’t get me wrong! March is great! Springtime, my mom’s birthday, my brother’s birthday…that’s pretty much it.

So why not cling on to February for just a bit longer and talk about what I read this past month, what I did as far as writing and my life.*


*are you even interested in any of this stuff??

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