Review Policy

Have a book you want to review \ promote? Great…just check below to see if it’s a book I’ll even like 😉


Formats accepted:

  • Final Copies
  • ARCS
  • Ebooks (.mobi format is preferred)


I accept these genres:

  • Fantasy
  • Science-Fiction
  • Contemporary
  • Magical Realism
  • Mystery
  • Paranormal
  • Supernatural
  • Futuristic \ Dystopian


*I only accept YA as of right now


I’m willing to doing author interviews and giveaways as well. I’m also open to hearing other promotional ideas.


My rating system:

★ – I hated the book. I found it ridiculous and without any redeeming qualities

★★ – Didn’t really like the book

★★★ – 50/50. It has potential, but isn’t for me

★★★★ – A really good book – no or few faults

★★★★★ – I loved this book with my whole being and I can’t fault it in any way


I will always give my opinion. I won’t bash or hate on the author, but I also will be honest.


Email me at or fill out the form below.